Aberdeen Social Centre

A place for activists, groups and campaigns to connect and share resources in Aberdeen, Scotland

Film Club Radical

Wednesday 15th May, 1830 to 2100 (Monthly)

Film Club Radical

Our monthly film club where we show activist films, due to the ongoing protests we will be showing 'The Miami Model' from a collection of films by Crimethinc.

Against the prescribed template of paramilitary oppression, information warfare, and profit above all values, activists converge in Miami to demonstrate grassroots resistance, creative action, and international solidarity—a clash between competing visions of globalization, soon to be known as the Miami Model. Indymedia activists shot hundreds of hours documenting the 2003 FTAA protests in Miami and shaped it into a documentary that cuts through the mass media blackout to reveal the brutal repression and assault on civil liberties that took place, as well as the inspiring alternatives to capitalist globalization that were also in full effect in Miami.

Aberdeen Trades Council Office John Londragan House, 22a Adelphi, AB11 5BL

Unknown Climate Justice Coalition

Every Thursday, 1830 to 2000

Aberdeen Climate Group

A Meeting of local people who are interested in working on Cimate Justice, we meet every week and discuss local national and international campeigns and organise some of our own.

Aberdeen Trades Council Office John Londragan House, 22a Adelphi, AB11 5BL

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Every Saturday, 1100

End the Gaza Genocide Demo

In the west some countries have attempted to ban protest in support of the Palestine people. SPSC will have their ongoing Aberdeen protest against the ongoing collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

Outside Barklays on Union Street, next to Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen, Scotland

Radical Cafe, Every Saturday

Every Saturday, 1300 to 1600

Radical Cafe

Our Weekly Cafe for Schemers and Activists in Aberdeen, Also Teas and Coffees, along with Cakes from the Local Vegan Bay Bakery.

Aberdeen Trades Council Office John Londragan House, 22a Adelphi, AB11 5BL

Climate Camp Scotland Logo

Saturday 18th May, 1500 to 1800, After the Cafe

Climate Camp Caucus.

With Climate Camp returning to Aberdeen, there will be caucus at the social centre this Saturday.

The Caucus is a space for people in aberdeen to get involved and guide the direcition of the camp.

More info about Climate Camp Scotland

Aberdeen Trades Council Office John Londragan House, 22a Adelphi, AB11 5BL

Climate Camp Scotland Action 2022

Sunday 19th May, 1000 to 1700

Direct Action Training.

Some of us are organising a direct action training in Aberdeen to prepare those who are considering taking direct action in Scotland with the knowledge and confidence needed to challenge oppressive or unjust systems as part of a supportive group.

This training is independently run, but draws from experienced contributions from direct action groups such as Climate Camp Scotland, Extinction Rebellion Scotland, Just Stop Oil Scotland, and This is Rigged.

More info at actionnetwork.org

4Pillars, 33 Regent Quay , Aberdeen , AB11 5BE

Climate Camp Scotland Action 2022

Sunday 19th May, 1400 to 1700

The Gathering.

David is on the small staff team at GalGael in Glasgow; a working community who stand for compassion, health and justice. He is doing this piece of research adjacent to his work at GalGael in collaboration with HeartPolitics, who are an organisation based in Edinburgh with a focus on direct democracy and local organising. He is keen to understand the breadth of work across Scotland (specifically outside the central belt!) by chatting with folk who are working in and around land, direct democracy, culture and power. He is interested in how / where we legitimise power in Scotland. His plan is to consider the conversations over winter, and look to bringing folk together again in 2025 around common themes.

The gathering will run for 2-3 hours from 2pm in Old Torry Community Hall. It will take the format of a circle with input prompts, with space for questions. And there'll be some food.

Old Community Center, Torry, Abbey Road

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