Aberdeen Social Centre

A place for activists, groups and campaigns to connect and share resources in Aberdeen, Scotland

Alternative Freshers

Saturday 24th Sep, 1100 - 1600

Alternative Freshers' Faire

At the Dunbar Hall on Dunbar Street. Info from local activist groups, radical café - coffee, tea & snacks, craftivism workshops, book sale/swap.

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We have a Poster please print and distribute!

Radical Cafe

Saturday 1st October 1200 - 1400

Radical Cafe

This week, Saturday the 24th of September, we will be at the Dunbar Hall at Aberdeen Uni above, everyone is welcome to see us there. We will continue out usual cafe at the Adelphi on the 1st of October.

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An open cafe where we provide tea, coffee and cakes. Talk politics and activism, and share what is happening.